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Very impressive friend. I've been meaning to get back into more liquid and ambient DnB styles. I've been making a ton of neurofunk and heavier stuff lately so I'm getting pretty bored of that now lel.

Okay, so down to the lowdown:

Mixdown is very clean, you have found a good balance between compression / limitation & clarity in your track. The pads are very very chilled out, and that is good in drum and bass because it's something you don't see very often and it can compliment it very well.

The vocals have no low end, try to bring out the 300-600Hz area with the EQ; one of the worst things in vocals is a high-end only vocal sample. Another tip, the reverb has a little too much high end; this causes a slight harsh piercing sound, try to EQ out that piercing sound.

Also try layering the pads with a sub pad, I think it will help thicken this up. Also make sure if you do add a sub pad that it is centralised, the other layers of the pad are all stereo seperated pretty hard and you don't want to end up with a mix that is too close to the -1.

Overall, great ideas, good concept. I like it. 10/10 from me. Keep it up Babokon, I've been listening to you for a very long time thanks to Xmillsa. You are a great musician.

-Rykami / George

I know you may be completely baffled as to why I am giving you a 9/10 for this song. To cut to the chase, this song is not brilliant, but it has done something other songs cannot. This song has reminded me of my roots. I have been making music for 5 years come february 1st next year. Everyone started out like this. Seriously: my first song was Georgem124 - Virtual Reality - you can find that on youtube. it is absolutely BALLS. But if you keep at it, and it becomes a passion, one day you will end up just like me (:


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